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Good design is good business

Branding and corporate identity

Branding strategy

Your brand reflects every aspect of your business – your values, your aspirations and the way you engage with customers, partners and employees. Our experience over many years of brand development for enterprises large and small reveals that a powerful design, based on a coherent brand strategy, can transform a company’s fortunes.

Not just a logo

Branding is much more than a logo. Clever branding creates positive associations with your business. It tells people what you stand for and conveys qualities such as professionalism and creativity. In developing your brand identity we will get to understand you and your business and turn those insights into branding that is unique to you.

Promoting your business

Once you have a powerful brand, we find ways to improve the way you engage with customers, expressing your brand values across different media. We can also help with issues such as:

  • Company names
  • Tag lines
  • Domain names
  • Business stationery

Business stationery

Even though much of communication is conducted electronically, when we meet customers face-to-face, well-designed business cards and brochures increases the impact of that all-important first impression. It shows that you take yourself and your business seriously and is a mark of respect. And once you begin to do business, the same attention to detail should be extended to your product literature or downloadable PDFs. It is all part of the process of building confidence and of differentiating you from your competitors.

How can we help?

This infographic describes the elements of brand building and the range of services we offer to help you promote your business. Perhaps we can summarise your business logic with an inspiring infographic!